At ARIANT we have years of experience in the diagnosis and medical treatment of various allergies that the patients are exposed to. We know the effect that these debilitating allergies have on one’s well-being. We at ARIANT provide the medical care that makes a difference in improving patient’s quality of life. Following are the allergy services that ARIANT provides at both Irving and Frisco clinics.


1. Allergic rhinitis: If you have been chronically suffering with allergies of the nose or eyes we can provide you effective treatment. We perform skin testing for environmental allergies in the office and offer allergy shots and allergy drops.

Traditional allergen immunotherapy (allergy shots) are given once or twice a week (build-up phase) which takes up to 4-6 months, until maintenance is reached once a month.

We also offer RAPID DESENSITIZATION (RUSH/CLUSTER Immunotherapy) so that the build-up phase is accelerated to 3 months followed by maintenance once a month.

We offer SUBLINGUAL IMMUNOTHERAPY  (allergy tablets and drops) as well.

2. Asthma: We provide state of the art care for complicated asthma patients with biologics. 

3. Food Allergies: If you are struggling with FOOD ALLERGIES talk to us. We can evaluate for your food allergies. We provide peanut oral immunotherapy. We also perform food challenges. 

4. Drug Allergies: There are lot of people concerned about possible Penicillin allergies and other drug allergies. If you have any such questions, we can evaluate you for drug allergies and also possibly provide desensitization as the assessed treatment.

5. Urticaria (HIVES): If you are having problems with chronic hives, you have come to the right clinic. We offer biologics for Urticaria and also immune medications for uncontrollable hives.

6. Contact Dermatits: If you are bothered by a rash which is likely caused by some environmental agent and you are not sure if it could be a contact dermatitis, we provide PATCH TESTING in the office to narrow down the offending agent.

7. Eczema: If your child has dry itchy skin, it could be eczema. Please discuss with us regarding the appropriate skin care treatment.

8. Immunodeficiencies: We evaluate and manage immunodeficiencies. We provide onsite intravenous immunoglobulin replacement for immunodeficiency.  We train you for subcutaneous immunoglobulin treatments.